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Children choir Viva la bella performs at the Music school in Slavonice.













The beginning of choral singing came in the years 1980-1982. Singing was led by teacher V.Burkart. In cooperation with primary school in the years 1985 -1991 was Mgr. Jarmila Schmidtmayerová teacher and choirmaster and V.Burkart accompanied the choir on piano. From September 1, 1991choir became a children choir at Music school and cooperation lasted until the year 2001/2002.

Since the school year 2002/2003 is a choirmaster Vlastimil Burkart. In February 2005, the choir was named Viva la bella. Currently it has 24 members and one preparatory choir Piccolo. Accompanied on piano by Mgr. Ivana Šedová and on other musical instruments by Adéla Dostálová and Marie Burkartová.

The repertoire consists of classic, folk, dances, carols and spirituals music.

The original clothes is made by textile studio Zuzana Krajčovičová from Slavonice.

Viva la bella achieved awards at the Czech-Austrian festivals Musica Sacra in Borovany, Trebic, Telc, Langau and in Slavonice. During international tours parformed also in Germany in Römerberg-Heiligenstein, Sinzheimu, in France in Dannemarie in Austria in Kautzen, Dobersberg and Raabs.

Honor and a big opportunity was to sing to ex president Vaclav Havel in the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Slavonice in 1997.

Viva la bella performed also in Eastern Slovakia in Stakčín, which is a partner town of Slavonice. Then also in Jihlava, Uhersky Brod, Zdar nad Sazavou, Soběslav, Krahulčí, Dacice V.Lhota, Č.Krumlov, Lidice, J.Hradci, Lužnice, Jemnice, Rančířov , Studena, Stare Mesto pod Landstejnem, Nova Bystrice.

Choir won the golden zone on the regional choir competitions in Pisek in 2005, 2006 and 2008 and the silver zone on the competition show "Zahrada písní" in Prague in 2008.

The biggest success was for the choir participation at the world festival of choirs in Canada in Powell River in July 2010. Choir was selected by an international committee together with 30 other choirs from all the world.